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Thursday, May 11, 2006

i feel as if i have a schedule and it's extremely busy, but in reality i don't my brain is just worried. haha. i have an interview tomarrow and i hope it goes wel cus i need a job and some money. And well school is over in 4 weeks and im excited but i have a lot of work that needs to be done or i feel that way anyway and i probably shouldn't be on here right now but oh well it'll be a short one.

i'm really glad that i got to see my BFFFE the other day it was good. and i  believe were chilling tomarrow if all goes the way i plan and well it will because i have a good feeling about everything that's happenind this weekend. and i actually made a plan of everything that was possibly to occur this weekend in my head and i usually well most of the time don't do plans i just go with whatever so thats different .It's weird that even though i feel worried or stressed or just busy as fuck i'm happy and i've been the most talkative within these past few weeks or this week anyway. And i'm happy that im opening up to more people well not more but im opening up to people that i should of been talking to about stuff in the very beggining of our friendship. And it might be too soon to tell but i think my shy is slightly going away. i know im always going to be shy around those few new people who are just scary as fuck or not easy to talk too but damn i feel good about everything as of now. haha. gayy. well time for some worrk i suppose. 

Posted at 08:31 pm by Contagiouskiss
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Monday, April 17, 2006

 I was looking through some old photos and found these pictures. I miss these old days and I need to contact that boy because it's been way too long and we use to hang out with him all the time he was our main man. haha. Well here are some photos. And I miss my best friend so im glad we're chilling on friday..although I'm not sure what we're doing yet maybe getting ahold of the old apartment day kidss. And i miss my boyss and the boo haha but I guess we won't be seeing them this weekend next weekend though hopefully or no for sure next weekend hah. SHOW ON SATURDAY FUCKING COFFEE OASIS. yeah-yuhh.



Posted at 06:28 pm by Contagiouskiss
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